How to Provide Your Selling Points

These easy instructions will guide you through how to provide the selling points which will be loaded into your bot's memory.

1. Open the example Persuasive Selling Points Google sheet here

2. Select File/Make a Copy

3. In your new copied version enter a name for the funnel in cell C4

(this could be your product or company name)

4. Scroll down to cell C6 and enter the first prompt, this will be used as a quick reply within Messenger

Here you can see the example says “Monitoring progress” which fits in the 20 character limit

5. Next, enter the “sales pitch” which will appear if the customer selects this button in cell D6 – here the example contains “Besides checking your stats….” And fits within the 615 character count limit

(Columns E and F are there to help keep track of the character count limit only)

6. Repeat this process for all 16 selling points, adding the button text and answer – either more detailed info for high prior information customers, or more general info for low prior information customers (8 of each category as labeled in column B)

7. Once the sheet is filled in, tap “Share” in the upper right-hand corner

8. Under “Restricted” change to “Anyone with a link”

9. Select copy link

10. Login to your RallySeller account and select “Submit New Selling Points Sheet”

11. Enter the link that was copied in Step 9 and hit Send

12. That’s it!  We’ll notify you within 24 hours once your bot’s memory has been updated